Just Another Random Redhead

This luscious 5' 5" green-eyed redhead hails from the Russian Federation.  She claims to be a great cook with her best dish being strawberry pie.  I'm wondering if she's talking about the kitchen or the bedroom?  Click the image for the complete preview set.

Two Girls Locking Horns


Nasta E from Domai

Domai is one of my favorite sites.  You can see a new Picture of the Day from their site here on this blog.

You Done Good Girl

The mission of the Spirit Mars Rover is officially over.  NASA announced last week that it has ceased all attempts to contact the rover which became stuck on the surface of Mars back in 2009.  I talked about this over a year ago when engineers were preparing Spirit for a long winter nap.  This grand old lady was unable to survive the harsh Martian winter and never responded to signals sent to wake her up.

The image above is the last panoramic scan made by Spirit on day 2175 of her originally scheduled 90 day mission.

Rest In Peace.  The data you collected on your extraordinary journey will keep scientists busy for years to come.